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Book Title: [Your Child] in Gadgetland
Synopsis: In a world of gadgets and machines, our Hero sets out on a crazy adventure to find a cure for a patient with a VERY bizarre ailment!
Perfect For: A little adventurer! Especially one who loves anything with an engine!
Book Details: 8 X 10 Inches, 32 Pages
Note: The main character in each image below is fully customizeable
Detailed Description

Does your little person like anything with an engine? Do they live for adventure, excitement and craziness? Then this book is for you!

Set in a steampunk backdrop, our hero is a famous machine doctor who will stop at nothing to find a cure for poor Gizmo (who has the unfortunate ailment of shapeshifting sneezes)! Our hero has to navigate through hazardous and wild obstacles as Gizmo transforms from one goofy object to the next, ultimately saving them both!

Patrich Quach has a gift when breathing life into characters – even machines! His illustrations are funny, charming and sophisticated, making this book a favorite among children and parents. Lori Kretchmer authored Gadgetland from a single request from her brother Doug that she create a steampunk children’s book. The sneezing came later.